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go Come to Hit The Floor Dance Studio to learn the latest moves! Whether it’s for fun, to learn a particular style of dance, for a special occasion such as a wedding dance or just to keep fit. We look forward to working with your to achieve what it is that you are after.

Peter – Owner | Manager
Ballroom / Latin / Salsa / Bridal
I have taught for over 20 years. My dancing background includes Latin, Ballroom and Salsa. In Latin & Ballroom, I have competed in DanceSport making finals in the Australian Championships 2008, 2010 and winning the Nationals in Canberra 2009. In Salsa, I have represented Melbourne at the Sydney Salsa Congress over 4 years.
Ballroom / Latin / Bridal
I have taught dancing since 2011 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Since joining Hit The Floor in 2010, I have not only learned a lot myself, but have been able to share my passion & knowledge of dance with everyone. From social dancing to teaching bridal couples and competing in DanceSport, I don’t go a day without dancing!



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Latin / Bridal
I have been dancing for more than 8 years, specialising in the Latin styles. I began teaching in 2011, sharing my love of Salsa, Latin ballroom, and in recent years, choreographing wedding dances. I enjoy teaching wedding couples by designing routines which complement the couple’s chosen song, along with their own personalities and dance abilities. In my spare time, I train hard with my competitive dance partner, competing in various DanceSport events around the state.

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Hip Hop / Bridal

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Latin / Bridal

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Belly Dance

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Melusina is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost
instructors & choreographers. Her regular training in Ballet, Contemporary and Latin dance enriches her technique and expands her knowledge of movement

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